Value Proposition

InsightChina consults, supports and accompanies foreign companies in your objectives for setting up businesses in China as well as offering consultancy on marketing & sales strategies for the Chinese market in a variety of industries.  We are committed to providing you with Cross-cultural Expertise, Uncompromising Professionalism, Local Industry Knowledge, Result-Orientated Solutions, and A reliable Partner.    


1) Cross Cultural Expertise

Our team is fully equipped to help you bridge the Western-Chinese gap with a shared expertise in cross-border language, culture, and business. Every member of our team speaks a fluent or higher level of English and Chinese, and is intimately familiar with the business and cultural characteristics of China and the West. In many cases our consultants have spent extensive time in both China and the West gaining specific insights into the specific countries.

2) Uncompromising Professionalism

We pledge that we will always view you, the client, as our most important priority. In the Chinese market, we will always do business with you using your value system, not only ensure you completely understand the entire process for each project, but also to provide you and your company with peace of mind.

3) Local Industry Knowledge

Aside from our strong working experience abroad, our team also possesses a strong understanding of the dynamics of specific industries in China. Many companies discover when they first come to China that industry dynamics are completely different than back home. Through our expertise and experience, we can help you emerge yourself in, and adapt to the unique business and industry environment in China.

4) Result-Orientated Solutions

As professional consultants helping Western companies do business in China, We focus on understanding your specific needs and finding the right approach for the Chinese market, period. During the course of a project we put a strong emphasis on making sure you fully understand the structure, components and end result, to leave you fully satisfied and informed.

5) Your Partner in China

When we work with you, we always take the long term view.  Not only are we focused are the success of your current project, but also on your future success in China. We aim to build a long term partnership which will be mutually beneficial to your China business in the years to come.


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